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Excellent. Puts communication and character habits in perspective.

Donald Chailler, Designer
Stebnicki + Partners

A positive program to focus on the subconscious side of communications.

Ken MacDonald, Contract Administrator
Stebnicki + Partners

Excellent introduction to some fine tuning. Provided value added information to the company.

Shauna Drage, Project Administrator
Stebnicki + Partners

“The courses were incredible, especially the public speaking.
I learned a lot, mostly about myself. I did not want to see myself
on tape; I felt I had walked all over the floor, only to see I had hardly
moved. All went very well. Garth was an awesome facilitator. He made all the difference – he knew how to point out your flaws without making us feel badly.”

“The Writing Skills course was very informative; things have sure changed over the years in regards to what should be put in a business letter. Our instructor was excellent – it is nice to be taught by a person who you can tell is interested in his subject.”

Fantastic! Very informative. Good learning for all for better relationships and understanding of others.

Rob Quesnel, R.E.T
Stebnicki + Partners

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