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Speaking with Confidence

Do you want to be more comfortable when speaking to an audience—large or small? Do you want to know how to WOW an audience with your organization and presentation?

Good speakers are made, not born. Effective public speaking takes work. In this course you will be given the tools to become a better speaker and taught how to use them. Remember to allow yourself the opportunity to succeed. Always give yourself time to prepare and practice, both for these assignments, and when you speak in public.

Sessions include:

Basic Communicating Problems

Introduction to Six Steps and Eight Keys from Speaking With Power by Betty K. Cooper

  • Step # 1 Eight Keys To Pow!-R Speaking
  • Step # 2 Harnessing Nervous Energy
  • Step # 3 Listening Effectively
  • Step # 4 Non-verbal Messages
  • Step # 5 Read Right
  • Step # 6 Platform Polish
  • Key # 1 Desire
  • Key # 2 Breathing for Pow!-R!
  • Key # 3 Know your voice
  • Key # 4 The Four P’s
  • Key # 5 P.R.E.P/T.R.I.M.
  • Key # 6 Know your audience
  • Key # 7 The Eye’s and I’s
  • Key # 8 Patience and Practice

These eight speaking exercises are customized to participants and will move you from insecurity to confidence.


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