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Leadership is simple. All you have to do is Plan, Communicate, and Follow-up. It’s the execution of those three things that most find hard. I turn your managers into leaders. A SIMPLER SYSTEM: 7 Keys to Inspired Leadership provides new and established leaders with the skills to plan, communicate and follow-up. This leads to staff accountability, retention, greater productivity, more profits and good fun at work.

I have found most people, at any level of leadership, don’t plan well, find effective communication hard, and rarely follow-up fully.  Lots of times I had the same problems, so that’s why I developed my program. I’ve had the pleasure of conducting workshops and coaching clients across Canada, in the United States and in China. And you know something, the problems are the same everywhere. Your business doesn’t matter, we all have the same raw resource—people. You get work done through people and you get incredible work done when you have your act together.

SIMPLER stands for:

S – Self – The DISC Behavioural Assessment tool introduces you to you.
I – Inventory – What’s working for you as a manager, entrepreneur, supervisory or CEO?
M – Marketplace – What’s happening in your industry, not just your business?
P – Plan – Take time each week to truly step back, see the big picture and plan your next steps.
L – Lead – Coach, delegate, mentor, and hold yourself and others accountable.
E – Entrepreneur – You and your people are most effective when you think like entrepreneurs.
R – Repeat – We talk about business cycles for a reason, repeat the process and have fun.

As a Corporate Trainer and Professional Speaker, I have over 35 years experience in leadership and training. 

Specialties: Practical and simple leadership, business writing, presentation skills, conducting efficient meetings.

Through Joint Ventures, I also offer workshops on Customer Service, Project Management, Presentation Skills, Business Writing, and Conducting Effective Meetings.

Benefits of Garth Roberts’ Courses/Training

Develop Your Team. Reduce Your Stress. Increase Your Productivity.

Life is all about communication. You get action with great communication.

  • Inspire Your People to Follow Your Lead

The individual motivation you want to see comes from within the individual. It’s up to you to provide inspirational leadership.

  • Share Information with Your Team

Information is power and by sharing information you empower everyone in your company.

  • Keep up with the Pace

Stop and plan. Take time to plan, communicate, and follow-up.

  • Retain Your People

Be an emotionally intelligent leader.

  • Provide information
  • Mentor and coach
  • Share rewards and recognition


As a Corporate Trainer, Author and Leadership Consultant, Garth Turns Managers into Leaders.

Garth Roberts, in suit & tie, leaning on chair
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