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If conducting meetings is like herding cats,

it’s time to become the leader.

Whether between two or twenty, how your meetings are conducted is critically important to your business.

This workshop helps you make the meetings you chair or attend productive—and shorter! Effective meetings translate into dollars. Through this workshop, learn to use meetings as a powerful management tool.

Some of the areas you will explore:

  • Is this meeting really necessary?
  • Six Steps a successful meeting leader must take.
  • Pitfalls to avoid.
  • People problems and problem people
  • How to get ready.
  • How to get going.
  • What happens after the meeting is over.

Make Meetings Move is for you if:

  • You attend or conduct meetings that aren’t as productive as you want or need them to be.
  • Too many items are left for “next time”.
  • You feel many meetings you attend are a waste of time.

½ day Seminar

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