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This one-day intensive A SIMPLER SYSTEM Workshop provides managers and supervisors with specific tools and techniques designed to improve communication, organization and coaching skills. The common thread is a focus on improving communication skills and developing coaching skills in managers and supervisors. You will be given all the tools you will need!

The program is based on active participation in discussions, exercises, and other interactive activities. Be prepared to come and share your insights.


  • Discover your communication style and how it impacts customer relations and employee performance / morale / retention
  • Learn to identify others’ communication styles to increase communication effectiveness
  • Identify and outline strategies for improving one’s leadership strengths
  • Provide the tools to align your values and goals with your organization’s Vision, Mission and Values
  • Identify a structured plan to build a cohesive and productive team environment
  • Introduce planning and follow-up techniques that will result in increased profit
  • Create effective strategic and action plans that will maximize productivity and performance
  • Develop skills as leaders and as coaches
  • Discover resources available for continued learning and development


The Simpler System provides a way to develop and support your leadership team. Improve employee and customer retention and satisfaction while ultimately improving the bottom line to increase profits.

Self – discover your communication style and how it impacts your customers

  • Identify your personal behavioural style
  • Strengthen and develop your communication skills
  • Examine and refine your interaction with colleagues

Inventory – identify what’s currently working for you and what you need to quit doing

  • Identify and acknowledge the strengths and challenges of your current work environment
  • Align your values and goals with the organization
  • Create a Personalized Leadership Plan that is consistent with your organization’s plan

Market Place – identify market trends in your industry

  • Analyze your company’s position in the marketplace
  • Review and develop your strategic business plan
  • Identify strategies to positively impact profits

Plan – improve planning techniques to increase profits

  • Identify all aspects of projects and initiatives
  • Develop a personalized plan using the backward planning technique
  • Identify strategies and develop a climate that will maximize productivity and performance

Lead – leverage your business to be the one your competitors are following

  • Identify your current team environment
  • Identify techniques to build and support a cohesive productive team
  • Learn effective communication tools to conduct performance management interviews

Entrepreneur – turn your team into entrepreneurs who champion you

  • Identify and apply effective coaching techniques
  • Introduce a process and the benefits to being an active, present leader
  • Define the qualities of a master performer and outline a personal game plan to become a master leader
  • Learn to deal with difficult people

Repeat – keep on track with improvements and adjustments as you move forward

  • Develop a detailed strategic plan for the next six-months
  • Implement the personal and professional changes you’ve identified in this program
  • Continue your leadership development


SIMPLER SYSTEM 7-week Interactive Workshop
Online – 7 modules at your convenience
Two-day workshop – Contact us to schedule


$497.00 + GST per person for 7 Week Online Program

Ask about group pricing

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