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Great Places (and Great Clients) Garth has trained…

Garth has had the pleasure of speaking and training in all corners of this beautiful country. And  many great towns and cities in between!

Calgary, AB

Over 20 years of corporate training sessions in my home town make it an educational location, for me. Supervisory Skills, Leadership, Business Writing, Speak With Confidence, and Creative Writing are just a few of the workshops. Plus, most of my coaching clients reside in Calgary.

Red Deer, AB

Working with a Utility Company in Red Deer over several years allowed me to take some new leaders into communication clarity they appreciated. Leadership is, after all, all about effective communication.

Edmonton, AB

Capital cities always have an air of authority and possibly political confusion. Training in Edmonton in leadership, business writing and presentation skills is always rewarding. One major client makes each workshop a joy.

Lloydminster, AB

Time Management is critical in the oil patch. This contract for training in the border city continues to take me to an interesting spot. On one street you’re in Alberta and on the next one, you’re in Saskatchewan.

Hanna, AB

Visit Hanna the correct time of year and the crocus will be blooming. This great prairie town has been the location of two 5- day leadership programs.

Forestburg, AB

Leadership workshops for a week in an Alberta town provide the opportunity to see some great sunsets while connecting with an engaged group of employees from an international utility company.

Cold Lake, AB

Known in Canada as a prominent military base, Cold Lake also has a thriving corporate community. Like anywhere else, training in Time Management helps keep business rolling.

Banff, AB

Whenever the opportunity presents itself, conducting workshops in the Canadian Rockies is an easy choice. Whether the workshop is there or not, The Banff Springs Hotel is a spectacular site to visit.

Jasper, AB

The view outside the Jasper Park Lodge workshop room was tempting to look at while working. Active participation from  great association members kept the focus on Conflict Management.

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Facilitating leadership workshops has advantages besides connecting with wonderful people. In Yellowknife it was a visit to an iconic business with great hosts.

Whitehorse, Yukon

Leadership workshops with today’s participants in the north allow you to reflect on true adventure when relics of a past gold rush era are still here to see.

Trail, BC

There are rewards for facilitating leadership and communication workshops, great meals. The Italian influence in Trail is evident in the choices at the restaurants.

Kelowna, BC

Okopogo wasn’t in my communication workshop; however, it’s always great fun to check out the lake in Kelowna to see if he shows his face.

Vancouver, BC

It’s a great validation of programs when the same transportation company keeps you engaged for four years. This company, plus others, has taken me to Vancouver many times.

Regina, SK

The Queen City in Saskatchewan is always a great place to visit. Time management workshops plus leadership seminars are great excuses to enjoy a visit.

Saskatoon, SK

Leadership and communications go hand-in-hand. Conducting a workshop when participants are from a varied background enhances the learning. New immigrants in this workshop challenged all of us to open our eyes and our minds.

Winnipeg, MB

Growing up hearing about Winnipeg from my grandfather made it exciting to get a chance to conduct Leadership workshops here. Plus, four years working with the same transportation company was an honour.

Wawa, On

The giant goose greats you as you enter Wawa. Working with employees from a forestry company made the visit complete.

Mississauga, ON

Another long-term client in the transportation industry made trips over three years worthwhile. A second client for Leadership training lengthened my connection to this great city.

Nipigon, ON

Another great client who wanted a workshop on Supervisory Skills afforded me the opportunity to go to the north side of Lake Superior. Over 20 supervisors and managers had some interesting insights into leadership.

Toronto, ON

The view from the harbour is fantastic. Participants in a variety of leadership and communication workshops also proved to worth the many trips to work in Toronto.

International Speaking Locations

Garth Roberts has even had opportunities to speak and present further afield….

Dallas, TX

As a trainer and facilitator, it’s critical I keep my knowledge and skills updated. For 6-years I went to Dallas in the heat of the summer to the eWomen Network Convention. Yes, folks, there are eMales in the organization.

Shanghai, China

Three days of leadership training in China was a tremendous experience. The company is an international engineering firm and the participants were from all over the far east.

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