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Services & Products: Technical Writing

Include clear, concise, complete writing into technical papers, reports and proposals, while inserting appropriate charts, graphs, pictures and data. Frequently it's as much how you write it as what you write.

Developing a document is hard work for the writer; to the reader, it must not be hard work!

If your readers find it too much work to wend their way through your writing they will quit. Errors that may frustrate your reader can include:

  • too much or too little information.
  • too many words
  • poor appearance or confusing layout
  • no visuals to assist the reader in comprehension
  • poor organization of material
  • inappropriate or irrelevant information

Excellent documents have appropriate content, clear organization, excellent graphs, diagrams, or pictures, a writing style that makes it easy to read, and appropriate supplementary material.

Two-Day Workshop Includes:

  1. Planning and Structure techniques for your technical documents
  2. Research in the writing process
  3. Plain Writing basics to communicate effectively
  4. Audience Analysis techniques to stay on track
  5. Active Voice Writing
  6. Adding Design and Graphic elements to your technical documents
  7. Editing and Proofing

This is a hands-on workshop and participants are encouraged to bring their own projects to enhance their learning and give huge returns on the time invested.

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