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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the key ingredient for successful leadership?

In many cases it's not what you say but how you say it that makes the difference between leadership and management. Use some creativity in your leadership. Think of how you talk to children when you want them to try something new or do something a different way. Your tone, the words, and your body language all say, "I'm on your side so let's work together on this."

I don't have all the staff I need. How I cope with that?

In your case planning is even more important. What must be done? What can be left until later? Who is the best person to put on which job? Recognize some things may get left behind. Analyze the tasks and determine the consequences of not completing some tasks. Remember, if a sudden illness took you out of the office for a day, many things wouldn't get done. The big surprise for many managers in is that some of the tasks that aren't completed on time don't make a difference. Look at your job list and prune it to only deal with the critical issues.

We don't have time to plan. It's critical that everything be done right now.

To quote a supervisor I worked with, "But Garth, you don't understand. We don't have time to plan around here … but we have time to do it again tomorrow." He was only partially joking with that statement. Remember, statistics show that anywhere from one third to two thirds of what is done in many companies each day has to be redone because it wasn't done correctly the first time. Cut your redo in half and you'll be surprised at how much time you have available for planning.

How do I get my people to pay attention to what I say?

Your people will listen to you when you talk to them in the manner that they want to hear. Remember, it's not about you! Each of us has a preferred style of communication and as a leader it's my job to give you information the way you want to hear it. In my 7 Strategies to Inspired Leadership program I take participants through a behavioral assessment so they understand their own communications style and can determine how best to communicate with others. Sometimes how you phrase something can make all the difference.

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