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Case Studies

Knowing yourself

In a recent seminar I conducted, five different companies were represented. All five needed new people and sent their supervisors to the session to get help with hiring and retaining staff. They got the help they needed!

In a few short weeks, through discussion, group work, and specific exercises, the supervisors had personal and company plans in place to find, train, and retain new workers. While their tasks won't be easy, they took the first steps to success...and knowing yourself is your first step to becoming an inspired leader!

Diverse cultures create a challenge

Over the years I've had the opportunity to work with a variety of cultures in Canada and elsewhere. While working with diverse cultures can be challenging, it is also incredibly rewarding when managers become leaders for their own people. As a facilitator and trainer I know that the desire to learn is present and my job entails adjusting my presentations to suit the audience. Feedback suggests that I have been insightful, personable, flexible, and accommodating while still achieving the results requested by the employers. Diversity can be a challenge but can also enrich our workplace, if we let it.

Old dogs can learn new tricks!

When I coached a session where 23 of the 24 participants were within five years of retirement, I assumed they wouldn't want to be there--but I was in for a surprise. These individuals wanted to guarantee that their company continued after they retired with the same commitment to quality that each of them had encouraged during their careers. They came to learn new ways of dealing with their crews and new ways of coping with the diminishing work force. It's common in many companies to have senior employees in sessions and it is the facilitator's job to ensure they also walk out of the room with valuable information. After, the client noted, "Garth was able to take feedback and adapt the program to fit the audience".

We don't have time to plan!

In transportation company I worked with the supervisors used a go, go, go mode of operation. They seemed to feel planning was a waste of time. It took several months but I was able to demonstrate that if they took time to plan both their work and their communication, they would have better employee relations, productivity, fewer distribution errors, and more productive planning and follow-up.

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